Balkan Run 2019

The latest information regarding the race on Sunday 2.6.2019г.

Start: Will be given directly at the town square near the Botev monument. Cyclists will start before the runners. We appreciate your understanding in the way the start is scheduled. Participants who have hot registered prior to the event and those who have not paid are kindly asked to report to registration at the square before 8AM.

Track: The cycling and running tracks are clear of snow and in good condition.

The tracks are marked in temporary yellow spray predominantly on the ground. The running track also has permanent markings. The final part of the track is marked with paper flags. No plastic marks are used due to ecological reasons.

Refreshment points:

The refreshment point for runners is at the 7th km and provide water and isotonic drink.

The refreshment points at mountain house Rai for runners and at 20km for cyclists provide water, isotonic, carbs bars, carbs gels, fruit bars, bananas, cucumber, salt.

At Botev peak there will be muesli bars, banitsa, bananas and water.

Please be informed that due to ecological concerns there will be no single use plastics, incl. water in single use plastic bottles. Drinks will be consumed in cardboard cups at the refreshment points or in bottles you carry with you.

Weather conditions:

At Botev peak on Sunday we could expect rain around lunch time and temperatures below 10C. During the climb it is recommended that you carry with you a wind-proof jacket. It is necessary for participants to use the transport provided to send changing clothes, winter jacket, hat and raincoat to the finish line. In our experience this is major issue for participants. The shuttle transport for runners will leave after all seats have been filled and provide no overhead cover!

In terms of changing rooms, food and staying in town for the night after finishing, tourist sleeping rooms could be booked. To book: 0877273547.