Osogovo Run 2020

Date and place: 9 a.m.,16th August 2020, Kyustendil, BULGARIA.

Disciplines: Mountain running and biking race 26 km.

Racing categories: Men, Women, Junior men and women up to 20YO, Masters Men and Women 40+, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70YO.

Track: Starts at Velbuzhd square at the center of Kyustendil (530 m alt.), passes the stadium, karting track and “Pochivalo” area, than on a forest road reaches Iglika hut, Studen kladenetz (8.4 km), Osogovo hut (13.2 km), continues on a dirt road to Begbunar (19.5 km), follows the central ridge of Osogovo to the FINISH – Mount Ruen (2251 m alt.)

Track.gpx    Track.kmz

The track is subject to modification if deemed necessary.

Refreshment points: 1.Studen kladenetz 1340 m alt., 2. Ossogovo hut 1630 m. alt.; 3.Begbunar 1815 m alt.; 4. Ruen Peak 2251 m alt.

Program: 16th August
8:00-8:45h. Registration of participants at the start area.

9:00h. Start – simultaneous for all participants;

14:30h. Finish is closed.

Registration: Performed in two steps:

1. Apply HERE until 14th August 2020;

2. Provide a starting fee according to the information recieved in the application form.

Starting fees:

Paid up to 26.07.2020: 20 BGN

Paid between 27.07 and 09.08.2020: 25 BGN

Paid between 10.08 and 14.08.2020: 30 BGN

Paid at the start: 40 BGN

Winners from previous races of the Five Mountains chain in the categories Men and Women are eligible to participate without a starting fee and are kindly asked to submit a participation request beforehand.

Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people 15 to 75 YO. Participants are required to follow the markings, to observe the traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All personal expenses are on the account of the participants.

Participants are kindly asked to have a valid ID with them during and after the race as parts of the track enter a border zone.

Ranking and awards:  Individual, in finishing order, separate for runners and cyclists. Medals for the first three in each category. Material prizes for the winners in Men and Women, Junior Men and Women up to 20YO and 40+. All female bikers will be awarded in a single category.

Awarding of the prizes will be performed periodically at Mount Ruen after the arrival of the winners.

Transportation after completing the race: Provided for the runners only. Pick-up at Osogovo hut, drop-off at the start area. The first bus leaves at 13:00h. after all seats are occupied.

Transport: There is transport from Sofia to Kyustendil and back provided for the fee of 15 BGN per person. The pick-up is at the Vasil Levski Stadium parking lot at 06:30h on 16th August (Sunday). The return pick-up is from Velbuzhd square at 17:00h on 16th August. Should you wish to use the transport provided please make a request in the application form and provide a payment. Requests for people accompanying you are also welcome.

Additional information: Transportation of personal baggage to Mount Ruen is provided.

Every participant who would like to receive a branded T-shirt must order it additionally in the application form of the race and make a payment of 10 BGN up to 9th August 2020. A branded zipper Five Mountains 2020 T-shirt is also available for purchase for 35 BGN.

All participants that have started are insured against accidents from 10:00 till 17:30h on 16th August 2020.

Expect more information here and at the facebook event!



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