Vitosha Run 2017

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Date and place: 26 August 2017, Sofia

Organizers: Sofia municipality, Association Sofia – European Capital of Sports, Marathon Association.

Discipline: Mountain running race.

Racing categories: Men, Women, Junior men and women up to 20, Masters 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

Track: Start: South park, Sofia, Hilton hotel  – South/562m altitude/, 42°40’50.40″N  23°19’9.96″E; Finish: Mount Cherni Vrah/2290m altitude/;
Distance: 17,5km with 5 intermediate control points (see the track plan);
Refreshment points: №3, №5 and finish; Тrасk.GPX  Тrасk.KMZ

Time limits:

CP 1 – „Srebarna” – 3.1km, till 10:00h
CP 2 – „Ring road” – 4.9km, till 10:30h
CP 3 – „Info centre Vitosha” – 7.8km, till 11:00h
CP 4 – „Bay Krastyo” – 10,5km, till 12:00h
CP 5 – „Goli vrah” – 13km, till 13:00h
14:00h Finish closed


25 August:

18:00h- 20:00h Registration (can be also done next morning before the start ) and technical information in infocentre SOFIA 2018, 5 Mihai Eminesku bvd, Sofia

26 August:

7:30h–8:30h Registration at the start area (not nessesary for participants registered previous day) ;
9:00h Start –simultaneous for all participants;
12:00h-15:00h Prize giving at Aleko hut (42°34’56.66″N, 23°17’32.33″E)

Registration: HERE

Starting fee: 25BGN if registered by Aug 24. Without registration in advance – 30lv. Payment can be done online, via Easypay network, or upon registration at the start. Discounts for multiple entries for Five Mountains chain of events. T-shirt gift for  payment  before 17.8.2016. No fee for winners in Men and Women categories in the previous events of FIVE MOUNTAINS chain.

Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people 15 to 75 YO. Participants are required to follow the marking, to observe the traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All expenses are on the account of the participants.

Additional information: Luggage transportation is provided for participants from the start area to the finish. To be handed to organizers before 8:40 h. Transportation  of participants from Aleko hut to Sofia is also provided.

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Start area:


Track profile:VRtrackProfile