Sofia Monasteries 2016

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Date and place: 18 September 2016, Sofia.
Organizers: Foundation “Sofia European Capital of Sport”, Marathon Association.
Disciplines: Mountain running marathon and ultra marathon. Mountain biking – Cross Country.
Racing categories: Men and Women, Masters men and women 40 and above.
Distance: 42/73km.

Track: Starts at Klisura Monastery of Saint Petka, reaches village zone Gaber on a field road, passes by Divotino monastery, goes on a trail through Mihaylovo, Gradoman, Malo Buchino, Bonsovi meadows ,Vladaia, over Boyana,Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo, through Bistritsa, over Kokalyane, enters Lozen mountain under the Devil’s Bridge and finishes near the base of Red Cross near the village of Lozen.


Tracks are subject to modification if necessary.



At 23:59  Registration of participants closes.


From 9:00 until 19:30 all participants to receive their start package at the Sofia info center (5 Mihai Eminescu Blvd). You need to bring an ID with you.


5.00 am  – Departure from the main entrance of  “Vasil Levski” stadium.

05.15 – 06.15 – Distribution of the start packages (numbers) for the participants who did’not manage to get them bearlier (ID needed)

6.15 – 6.25 – Positioning of the participants at the starting area.

6.30 – Start – simultaneous for all participants – Klisura Monastery of Saint Petka (42°43’35.34″N  23° 4’39.86″E).

16.00 End of 42 km Marathon time limit – Dragalevtsi Monastery (42°37’8.76″N  23°17’56.29″E).

20.00 End of 73 km Ultra Marathon time limit – the base of Red Cross near the village of Lozen (42°35’38.42″N  23°30’34.88″E).

Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people from 18 to 75 YO. Everyone participates at their own risk.  Participants are required to follow the markings, to observe the traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All expenses are on the account of the participants. Wearing the official race number on the front side of the participants’ equipment is mandatory throughout the whole race. Failing to comply with this rule leads to disqualification. Every participant must have a fully charged mobile phone with them and must carry pocket money for public transportation (in case of a need for transportation from an intermediate point of the track).

Starting fee: 40 BGN without using the provided transportation. If transportation is requested – 45 BGN. Payment can be done online, via card through PayPal or Epay, bank transfer or the Easypay network not later than September 16, 2016. It is also possible to make a payment on the 16th and 17th of September while receiving the start packages.

Registration: It’s done in 2 easy steps. 1 – Fill out the application form below. 2 – Make a payment. All applications that no payment is made for until 12.09.2016 will be cancelled.

Additional information: There will be space for camping provided for the night before the start. For more information about the accessibility of the camping site please write to

Important notice! 
It is  possible to get your start package for Sofia Monasteries 2016 right before the start on the 18th of September 2016. That will be happening from 05:15 to 06:15 am in the start area.

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Схема на трасето:SM2016

Профил 73км:SM2016profile

Профил 42км:SM2016profile42