Balkan Run 2017


Date and place: 4 June 2017, Kalofer

Organizers: Kalofer municipality, Marathon Association

Disciplines: Mountain running race. Mountain biking race.

Racing categories: Men and Women, Junior men and women up to 20, Masters men and women 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

Track: Start – Kalofer, Hristo Botev square (600m alitude); Finish – Botev peak (2376m alt.). Running track is 19km long via Rai hut. Biking track is 37km long via Panicite area.

Track running.kmz   Track biking.kmz

Track running.gpx   Track biking.gpx 

Tracks are subject to modification in case of necessity.

Terrain: Asphalt road , macadam, touring trail.

Refreshment points running: RPR (7,5km, 850m alt.); Raj hut (15km, 1430m alt.); Botev peak.

Refreshment points biking: RPB (20km, 1600m alt.); Botev peak.


3 June

19:00-20:00h. Registration at Hristo Botev sqaure, Kalofer;

4 June

7:45-8:30h. Registration at the start area;

9:00h. Start – simultaneous for all participants;

15:00h. Finish closed.

Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people 15 to 75 YO. Participants are required to follow the marking, to observe the road traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All expenses are on the account of the participants.

Entries: HERE

Starting fee: 25BGN if entered by June 2. Without entry 30lv. Payment can be done online, via Easypay network, or upon registration in Kalofer. Discounts for multiple entries for Five Mountains chain of events. T-shurt gift for payments done untill 25 May.

Rankings and Awards: Individual, in finishing order, separately for runners and cyclists. Medals and material prizes.

After finish: All runners will be transported back to Kalofer with open trucks. Bikers should return riding backwards the marked track.

Additional information: Participants’ personal luggage will be transported from the start to Botev peak. For accommodation assistance, please contact us at

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