Sofia Monasteries 2019


Due to a swine fever connected ban introduced in a few of the territories, through which the track goes through, the initiative is cancelled!

Everyone who planned to go through the track is kindly asked to postpone it until the ban is officially lifted!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and the change of plans!

The pick-up and drop-off point for the GPS devices will not be open!

Project: The Marathon Association with the kind support of: “Sofia – European capital of sport” foundation and Trackspor

Track: 213km, D+5700m. Direction – counter clockwise.Track.GPX Track.KMZ

The track consists of 17 sectors with different characteristics as follows:

1 Boyana – Bistritsa, length 13.2km; D+ 510m
2 Bistritsa – Dyavolski most 10.2km; 230m
3 Dyavolski most – Gabra 19.5km; 800m
4 Gabra – Pobit kamak 8.0km; 80m
5 Pobit kamak – Ognyanovo Monastery 11.1km; 130m
6 Ognyanovo Monastery – Baylovo 13.6km; 300m
7 Baylovo – Sarantsi 10.9km; 250m
8 Sarantsi – Potop 12.1km; 300m
9 Potop – Buhovo 12.2km; 340m
10 Buhovo – Lokorsko 15.0km; 400m
11 Lokorsko – Novi Iskar 11.9km; 180m
12 Novi Iskar – Balsha Monastery 11.0km; 460m
13 Balsha Monstery – Е80 17.3km 150m
14 Е80 – Klisura Monastery 10.9km; 360m
15 Klisura Monastery – Mihaylovo 11.0km; 280m
16 Mihaylovo – Bonsovi poliyani 11.3km; 420m
17 Bonsovi poliyani – Boyana 13.3km; 510m

The track goes from the South end of Boyana, on the path to Dragalevtsi, above Simeonovo, through Bistritsa, above Kokalyane, under the Dyavolski most (Devil’s bridge) enters the mountain of Lozen, passes under mount Polovrak, continues East on the main ridge of the Lozen mountain, crosses the road to the village of Gabra, passes through the forest park Pobit kamak, by Bogdanliya, Karapoltsi, goes around the Ognyanovo dam from the south, through Golema Rakovitsa, Baylovo, Makotsevo ans Sarantsi, by Osoitsa, through Potop, Eleshnitsa, by Zhelyava, Buhovo, Seslavsti, Kremikovtsi and Lokorsko, through Voynegovtsi, above Podgumer, by Novi Iskar, Katina, above Balsha, through Dragovishtitsa, Shiyakovtsi, Herakovo, Klisura Monastery, reaches village zone Gaber on a field road, goes through Divotino Monastery, on the touristic path through Mihaylovo, Gradoman, Malo Buchino, Bonsovi poliyani, through Vladaya up to Boyana.

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