Sofia monasteries 2018

Date and place: 14th, 15th and 16th of September 2018, Sofia, BULGARIA.




Organizers: Marathon Association, Municipality of Sofia, Foundation “Sofia European Capital of Sport”.




Format:  Tree-stage race with a separate ranking of each stage and a general ranking of all stage results combined.

Disciplines: Mountain running. Mountain biking – Cross Country.
Stage 1 – mountain running – 16/40/68 km, mountain biking 68 km;
Stage 2 – mountain running 21/40/76 km, mountain biking 76 km;
Stage 3 – mountain running 22/42/74 km, mountain biking 74 km.
The general ranking will be the calculated sum of the results of the tree long distances.
Categories: General, Women, Masters – 40 and above, Masters women – 40 and above.

Track: SM2018.gpx

Every stage will have 3 different starting points and a common finish.

Stage 1 – 68 km, D+2200, 14.9.2018:

Start at Bonsovi polyani, through Vladaya, over Boyana, Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo, through Bistritsa, over Kokalyane, under Devil’s bridge, into Lozen mountain, by Lozen Monastary,  under Mount Polovrak, onto the main ridge of Lozen mountain of the East side, across the road to Gabra village, finish line in forest park Pobit kamak.

Start of 40k km– Bistritsa, Start 16 km – Lozen Monastary.

Stage 2 – 76 km, D+1750, 15.9.2018:

Start at forest park Pobit kamak, by Bogdanlia, Karapoltsi, around Ognyanovo dam from the South, through Golema Rakovitsa, Bailovo, Makotsevo, Sarantsi, by Osoitsa, through Potop, Eleshnitsa, by Zhelyava, Buhovo, Seslavtsi, Kremikovtsi, finish line in the centre of Lokorsko.

Start 40 km – Sarantsi, Start 21 km – Zhelyava Monastary.

Stage 3 – 74 km, D+1900, 16.9.2018:

Start at Lokorsko, through Voynegovtsi, over Podgumer, by Novi Iskar, Katina, over Balsha, through Dragovishtitsa, Shiyakovtsi, Herakovo, Klisura monastary, up to village zone Gaber on a field road, by Divotino monastery, on a trail through Mihaylovo, Gradoman, Malo Buchino, finish line at Bonsovi polyani.

Start 42 km – Shiyakovtsi Monastary, Start 22 km – Klisura monastary.

The tracks are subject to modification if necessary.








Program 14,15,16.9.2018:
Start of the long distance – 7:00;
Start of the midium distance – 9:30;
Start of the short distance 11:00;

The finish line is closed at 20:00.


Awarding: Will be conducted periodically at the finish line area after the first tree participants of a category have arrived, without waiting for everyone to finish.


Awards: Cups for the winners of 218 km and medals for the first 3 of each category by stage. Material awards will be given to the the first 3 of the long distances and certificates to all who finished. Each participant that successfully completes all three stages will be awarded with a souvenir placard. On the third day a participant that has successfully completed the three stages´name will be randomly drawn and they will recieve a smartwatch Suunto. 
Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people from 18 to 75 YO. Everyone participates at their own risk.  Participants are required to follow the markings, to observe the traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All personal expenses are on the account of the participants. Wearing the official race number on the front side of the participants’ equipment is mandatory throughout the whole race. Failing to comply with this rule leads to disqualification. Every participant must have a fully charged mobile phone with them and must carry pocket money for public transportation (in case of a need for transportation from an intermediate point of the track).
Participation fee, payment up until 2.9.2018:
Participation in a stage: long distance  – 40 BGN, midium distance – 30 BGN, short distance – 20 BGN. Participation in two stages +20 BGN, participation in 3 stages +30 BGN.
Participation fee, payment from 3.9. to 9.9.2018:
Participation in a stage: long distance – 60 BGN, midium distance- 40 BGN, short distance – 30 BGN. Participation in two stages +20 BGN, particiption in 3 stages +30 BGN.
Using the transportation provided by the organizers costs 10 BGN for each day of the competition.
Payments can be made with a card, at an ATM, through PayPal, Epay, via bank transfer or the Easypay network up until 09.09.2018.
Registration: It’s done in 2 easy steps. 1 – Fill out the application form below. 2 – Make a payment according to the instructions.

Additional information: Transportation of the baggage off the participants is provided for the starting points to the finish line areas. In order to use the transport from “Vasil Levski”  Stadium in Sofia an application must be filled in during registration. The transportation after the final will be conducted in small groups in order to minimize the waiting time. The race number serves as a ticket if an application for use of the transport has been made beforehand.
All participants will receive a branded T-shirt for participation.
All participants have insurance for the day of the competition.
Expect more detailed information.
























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