Rila Run 2019

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Date and place: August 11. 2019, 9 a.m.  Samokov.

Organizers: Samokov Municipality, Borosport, Marathon Association.

Disciplines: Mountain running race 21km.

Racing categories: Men, Women, Junior men and women up to 20, Masters 40+, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

Track: Start: At the entrance of the park to the stadium “Iskar” (970 m altitude) 42 ° 19’29.76 “23 ° 33’34.20″ I. In the park, a eco-trail along the Iskar river- 3km an uphill starts with a forest road to the camp Sokolets – 8km, forest path to Yastrebetz 14km, open path to Musala hut 18km, last 3km stony path to the summit. Final: Musala peak (21 km, 2925 m alt.).



The track is subject to modification in case of necessity.

Refreshment stations:1. Sokolets (8 km, 1400 m alt.); 2. Yastrebetz (14km, 2350 m alt.); 3. Hut Musala (18 km, 2389 m alt.); 4. Ice Lake (19.5 km, 2709 m alt.)

Registration: Performed in two steps:

1. A request for participation is submitted HERE until 09.08.2019;

2. A starting fee is paid according to the information received on the application.

Starting fee:

Paid until 21.07.2019: 25lv.

Paid from 22.07 until 04.08.2019: 30lv.

Paid from 05.08 until 09.08.2019: 35lv.

Paid on start: 40lv.

Winners of previous events in the Men and Women Chain are exempt from a fee with a request to submit a pre-bid.


7:45-8:30. Registration to participate located in the start zone.

9:00. Start.

15:30. Closing of finish line.

Conditions to participate: Anyone physically and mentally fit in the age range of 15-75 is free to participate. All participants are obliged to follow the marked paths and follow the road laws during and after the race. All personal expenses are to be paid by the participants.

After the finish: The cabin lift from Yastebetz to Borovets is free of charge when race number is present. The last cabin leaves 18:00h. Getting to the lift has to be done on foot by following the marked path back 7km. Alternatively, to get to Borovetz on foot the Musalenska path can be used – 12km. From Borovetz to Samokov organised transport may be expected.

Rewards ceremony: The ceremony will take place RS2 – Yastrebetz near the cabin lift station, participation is not mandatory, no set hour. Award-expecting participants will be rewarded by the advertisement board individually without set order of queue.

Rankings and rewards: Individually, by order of finishing. Medals to the first three of each category. The material prizes for the first three in Men and Women; up to 20 years of age; over 40 years of age.

Transport: Organised transport from Sofia to Samokov and back, not free of charge. Price of 15lv. Leaving Vasil Levski Stadium car park at 7:30 am on the 11th of August (Sunday). Round trip from Iskar Stadium at 7pm on the 11th of August. Anyone interested in using the transport service should book a seat. Non-participants can also use the service.

Additional information: Baggage transport to RS2 – Yastrebetz  provided.

All participants will receive branded t-shirts.

Anyone started is insured for Incident from 9:00 to 17:30 on the 11.08.2019.

Expect more information here and at the facebook event!

Start list

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