Pirin Run 2018

Date and place: June 17 2018, Bansko.

Organizers: Bansko Municipality, Marathon Association.

Disciplines: Mountain running race 13km. Mountain biking race 26km. Mountain duathlon 29km.

Racing categories: Men, Women, Junior men and women up to 20, Masters 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

Track: Start: Hotel Kempinski Grand Arena (995 m alt.); Finish 1 Cycling, interchange – Vihren hut (1950 m alt.) Finish 2  Running and Duathlon – Vihren peak (2914 m alt.) Terrain: Macadam, asphalt, trail. Duathlets should coplete the biking track first, then follow last 3km of the running track.

Track running.gpx            Track biking.gpx

Track running.kmz            Track biking.kmz

Refreshment stations: Running – 1. Banderishka polyana (6.3 km, 1600 m alt.), 2. Vihren Hut (10km, 1950 m alt.), 3. Vihren Peak; Cycling – 1. DKP (14 km, 1200 m alt.), 2. Vihren Hut.

Registration: Performed in two steps:

1. A request for participation is submitted HERE until 15.6.2018; For duathlon, please enter as BIKER.

2. A starting fee is paid according to the information received on the application.

Starting fee:

Paid until 10.06.2018: 25lv.

Paid from 11.06 until 15.06.2018: 30lv.

Paid on start: 35lv.

Winners of previous events in the Men and Women Chain are exempt from a fee with a request to submit a pre-bid.

Expect more information here and at the facebook event!