Ossogovo Run 2019


Date and place: July 28. 2019, Kyustendil.

Organizers: Kyustendil Municipality, Tourist Association Ossogovo, Marathon Association.

Disciplines: Mountain running race 26 km. Mountain biking race 29 km.

Racing categories: Men, Women, Junior men and women up to 20, Masters 40+, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

Running Track: Start at Velbuzd square at the center of Kyustendil (530 m alt.), passes the stadium, kart track and area “Pochivalo”, than trought forest road reaches Iglika hut, Studen kladenetz (8.4 km), Ossogovo hut (13.2 km), continues on dirt road to Begbunar (19.5 km), follows central ridge of Ossogovo to the FINISH – Ruen peak (2251 m alt.)

Track Running.gpx    Track Running.kmz

Cycling track:  Start at Velbuzd Square at the center of Kyustendil (530 m asl), on asphalt and stone road, passes through Hisarlaka, along Sanatorium and Bogoslov to Studen kladenetz (11.2 km), on dirt and asphalt road reaches Ossogovo hut (16 km), continues on a dirt road to Begbunar (22.3 km), follows central ridge of Ossogovo to the FINISH – Ruen peak (2251 m asl.)

Track Biking.gpxTrack Biking.kmz

Refreshment stations: 1.Studen kladenetz 1340 m alt., 2. Ossogovo hut 1630 m. alt.; 3.Begbunar 1815 m alt.; 4. Ruen Peak 2251 m alt.

Registration: Performed in two steps:

1. A request for participation is submitted HERE until 26.08.2019;

2. A starting fee is paid according to the information received on the application.

Starting fee:

Paid until 07.07.2018: 25lv.

Paid from 08.07 to 21.07.2018: 30lv.

Paid from 22.07 to 26.07.2018: 35lv.

Paid on start: 40lv.

Winners of previous events in the Men and Women Chain are exempt from a fee with a request to submit a pre-bid.

Eligibility: Unlimited for physically and mentally healthy people 15 to 75 YO. Participants are required to follow the marking, to observe the road traffic rules and regulations before, during and after the race. All expenses are on the account of the participants.

Please, have an ID with you during and after the race due to entering frontier zone!

Additional information: Luggage transportation is provided for participants from start area to Ruen peak. To be handed out to organizers up to 8:50 h.

Expect more information here and at the facebook event!

Start list
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